Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall

Anthony lost his life in the line of duty on 30th April 1981. His Red Plaque was presented on the 28th April 2022.

Anthony was just 26 years old when he was killed when a building collapsed in the aftermath of a fire at the Woolworth’s branch in Wimbledon. The suspected cause of the fire was arson. Two other firefighters were also trapped and injured in the incident in which Anthony died, but they both survived. He left behind his wife, Cheryl, and his one year old son, John, who was celebrating his first birthday the day that Anthony died. Tragically, only three days earlier, the best man at Anthony’s wedding had been badly burned in a fire he was fighting, receiving injuries he would later die from.

The unveiling event for Anthony’s Red Plaque was attended by his friends and family as well as Andy Fullalove, a former Wimbledon firefighter who built him a memorial garden, Matt Wrack, and Jon Lambe, who all spoke at the unveiling.

Jon Lambe, FBU London regional secretary, said:

“As London firefighters we always want to remember those of our number who died in the line of duty. This plaque will have a prominent place in the local community, close to where Mr Marshall died, and will help ensure that this vital piece of history and sacrifice is never forgotten.”

Today, Anthony is remembered fondly by his family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the fire service. Anthony’s Red Plaque was unveiled near the site of the fire in Wimbledon.

Photo credits: Mark Thomas

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