David Morris

David Morris

David lost his life in the line of duty on the 6th September 1993, alongside his colleague John Davies. Their Red Plaque was presented on the 9th July 2021.

David was killed whilst fighting a fire at Hereford’s Sun Valley poultry plant at Grandstand Road, Hereford. As a wholetime firefighter for the Blue Watch at Hereford Fire Station, David had been in the service for 11 years when he responded to the fire which started in a unit for defrosting meat within the factory. Insulation panels in the factory ceiling meant that smoke and flames were unnoticed travelling through the roof space and collapsed the ceilings.

Their Red Plaque was presented on the 9th July 2021 at Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum which is on the boundary of the two stations (Leominster and Hereford) where David and John were stationed and its position at an arboretum was deemed fitting as it is in itself a place of remembrance.

Today, David is fondly remembered by his family, former colleagues, and brothers and sisters in the FBU. David’s son Jamie is now a Retained firefighter at Hereford Fire Station. David and John’s Red Plaque can be found at Queenswood Country Park in Hereford.

Photo credits: John Harris

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