Edwin Booth

Edwin Booth

Edwin James Booth lost his life in the line of duty on the 16th November 1940. His Red Plaque was presented on the 20th November 2022.

Edwin was a Stoke firefighter who was deployed to fight fires in Coventry on 14 November 1940. He was injured, along with several members of his crew, and never regained consciousness. He passed away two days later, on 16 November 1940.

He was survived by his wife Edna May Booth, and his two sons Robert, then aged 10, and John, aged 8. At the time of his death Edwin was 38 years old.

Over half of Coventry’s homes (43,000) were either damaged or destroyed in the massive air raid of 14 November 1940. It has been called the ‘single most concentrated attack on a British city in the Second World War’, and lasted for 11 hours.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said:

“Edwin lost his life fighting fires on one of the fire service’s most difficult nights in history. The Fire Brigades Union is very proud to play a role in remembering Edwin and what he did. It is absolutely vital that his sacrifice is not forgotten. This plaque will help ensure that.

Red Plaques are in prominent locations within communities. The plaques make sure that firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice are remembered as people go about their daily lives. It is vital our communities see their links to those who lived before them and gave so much. The plaques also help firefighters feel their own connection with those who served before them and remember those who lost their lives doing so.”

Edwin was remembered by his family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the FBU. His Red Plaque was unveiled at Hanley Community Fire Station in Stoke-on-Trent.

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Learn about the history of the Red Plaque Project and discover other Firefighters that have also received Red Plaques.

Photo credits: Fire Brigades Union

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