John Wesley Hughes

John Wesley Hughes

John Wesley Hughes lost his life in the line of duty on the 18th January 1996. His Red Plaque was unveiled on the 7th August 2023.

John Wesley Hughes, known as Wes, was a temporary Leading Firefighter, who had recently moved to Deeside fire station after serving his career at Wrexham. During a annual hot and humidity training at the former mine rescue station on Maesgwyn Road, Wes stepped outside during the dinner break, but never to return. Wes had got into his car where he suffered a fatal heart attack. His colleagues searched for Wes when he never returned and found him in his vehicle. Despite the best efforts of his friends and colleagues, Wes passed away.

Dan McNulty applied and coordinated this Red Plaque;

I decided to nominate Wes for a red plaque as upon learning of his death back in 1996, I was shocked and upset to find there is no trace of him on any of our stations, or online on any firefighter memorial, even though Wes died on duty during a training event. Now that Wes’ colleagues have nearly all retired and moved on, I think its only right there is a mark to respect the life we lost and honour the work Wes did. This death will have changed the way BA training was conducted to prevent incidents like this happening again in the future.

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Photo credits: Mark Waugh

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