Malcom Kirton

Malcom Kirton

Malcolm Kirton died in the line of duty on the 2nd February 1992. His Red Plaque was unveiled on the 30th anniversary of his death, on the 2nd February 2022, in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Malcolm was a Leading Firefighter based at Saxilby Fire Station. He attended a fire at a large furniture and carpet store in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. It was reported that a young mother and child were inside the store and so Malcolm and a fellow firefighter went into the building to search for them. Both suffered with extreme heat exhaustion and Malcolm was found by an emergency breathing apparatus crew, collapsed inside the store. However, it was later found that the mother and child had in fact earlier managed to escape through a window. Malcolm was aged 38 when he died.

Malcom is remembered fondly by his family, friends, and his brothers and sisters throughout the fire service and FBU. His Red Plaque was unveiled at Elm Cottage Pub, 138 Church Street, Gainsborough, nearest the site where he died. On the anniversary of Malcolm’s death each year, the duty crew at nearby Gainsborough fire station perform a minute’s silence to commemorate his passing.

Paul Kirton, Malcolm’s younger brother, paid tribute at the special event and described his brother’s death as “awful” and “tragic”.:

“He thought the world of the fire service and the job he was doing and loved working with the lads, and he’d have been so proud if he saw all of this. He was a very caring brother and really looked after the whole family and would have done anything for anyone. He looked after us all, very honest and very true”

Ben Selby, Fire Brigades Union vice president and executive council member for the East Midlands, said:

“Leading firefighter Malcolm Kirton was a popular firefighter and loving family man with two young children. He gave the ultimate sacrifice in trying to save the lives of others. His bravery and what he gave cannot be forgotten, and this plaque will help to ensure this is the case. It will have a prominent position in the local community, and will be a fitting tribute to Malcolm.”

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