Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Michael D Hill lost his life in the line of duty on the 10th May 1993. His Red Plaque was unveiled on the 9th May 2023.

Michael attended a fire at Access Laundry on Villiers Road, Willesden at approximately 8pm on 10th May 1993. He was part of a crew of four inside the building when the roof collapsed trapping all four firefighters. While the others survived, Michael tragically died from his injuries at the scene aged just 33. He joined the London Fire Brigade in 1986 and is survived by his wife Cindy and son Ashley.

The plaque was unveiled by Michael’s son Ashley Hill and his father David Hill with his family in attendance along with friends and colleagues from Willesden Fire Station.

At a previous memorial for Michael, Greg Edwards, from the FBU in London, addressed the memorial parade. He said:

“Firefighters work together in very hazardous circumstances where sadly some of us pay the ultimate price. Working under those pressures creates a bond difficult to describe to those outside the service. It means we never forget our fallen. We will never forget Michael and his sacrifice to keep people safe.”

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Photo credits: Mark Thomas

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