Ronald Dixon

Ronald Dixon

Ronald Dixon lost his life in the line of duty on the 24th of February 1969. His Red Plaque was unveiled on the anniversary of his death, the 24th of February 2020.

Father of three Ron Dixon made the ultimate sacrifice when a wall collapsed on him as he fought, alongside dozens of fellow firefighters, to control a fire at the Middlesbrough Laundry on Windermere Road.

Ron faced the blazing building alongside crewmate Eddie Kane, who recalled being asked to break windows to reach the flames using their helmets, with disastrous consequences. An outer wall of the building collapsed while the men were unprotected, killing Ron and injuring Eddie.

FBU National President Ian Murray called Ron ‘a hero in the true sense of the word’ at the presentation of his Red Plaque outside Middlesborough Fire Station. The ceremony was attended by local and national FBU officials, serving and retired firefighters from across the Cleveland region, local dignitaries, and most importantly, Ron’s surviving family members. His memorial was unveiled by his daughter, Carolyn.

Photo credits: Stuart Boulton

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