Tony Hall

Tony Hall

Anthony J Hall lost his life in the line of duty on the 5th of September 1982, alongside his colleague John Donley. Their Red Plaque was presented on the 5th of September 2018, the anniversary of their deaths.

Colleagues at Peterlee Station in County Durham, Tony and John were killed in the line of duty when their fire engine overturned on the way to answer a call for help. At the time of his death, Tony was twenty-four and married, with his wife Gillian expecting her first child.

Tony and John were on their way to tackle a chimney fire when their appliance overturned on Front Street, South Hetton on 5 September 1982, killing the two men and badly injuring three other firefighters. Following the accident, all fire appliances were modified with reinforced cabs to help ensure the safety of firefighters in the future.

Today, Tony is fondly remembered by his former colleagues, brothers and sisters in the FBU, and his family, including his mother Rita. His shared memorial with John can be found outside Peterlee Fire Station. The stone for their Red Plaque’s plinth was kindly donated by County Durham Fire and Rescue Service.

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Learn about the history of the Red Plaque Project and discover other Firefighters that have also received Red Plaques.

Photo credits: Fire Brigades Union and County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service

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